RENNTECH SL65 Black Series churns out 1000 LB-Ft of torque!

RENNTECH and Domani Motors are proud to present this gorgeous SL65 Black Series equipped with RENNTECHs Performance Package 1.

RENNTECH also outfitted the vehicle with a Transmission upgrade and 100% Locking Rear Differential. These modifications are essential when attempting to transfer ridiculous amounts of power. It’s amazing how the upgraded differential completely transforms the cars driving dynamics. The driver can now feel in command of the vehicle when pushing the Bi-turbo V12 to its limits. CLICK HERE to check out all of the RENNTECH SL65 Black Series performance products that are available.

In the end, this project was truly a great experience with the team over at Domani Motors. Now enough chit chat lets get to the good stuff, check out the pics and video…

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  1. [...] well as our SL 65 black series which put down 805 hp and 1000 lb/ft of torque. Here is an example:…-ft-of-torque/ Our transmission upgrades can be down in house or the unit shipped to us here and turned around [...]

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