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Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

RENNtech Engineering GmbH now open

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

RENNtech is pleased to announce the opening of our European research and development center in Germany. Located just outside of the famed Nürburgring race track in Mendig, Germany; RENNtech Engineering GmbH will serve as a development and testing center for new products and allow greater expansion into European markets through a wider product range specific to European only models such as A and B class in addition to the entire Mercedes product line. As a direct arm, RENNtech Engineering GmbH also grants access to new models months before they are released overseas allowing us to bring products for new models to market quicker.

As a further testament to our quality standards, our European branch will obtain TÜV certification for our street legal product line. Our latest M157 biturbo upgrade for the new 63 series as well as our 200 cell sport cat downpipes have already achieved TÜV certification with many more certified products on the way.

What is TÜV certification and why is it important? Basically, German registered road vehicle may not operate on public roads with modifications that do not meet strict quality standards put in place by TÜV. Testing of material construction, temperature and corrosion resistance, emissions and material analysis are just a few tests products must undergo to obtain this certification. All this ensures when you purchase a RENNtech upgrade you get exactly what we say; performance without compromise.

RENNtech Engineering GmbH is located at:

Robert-Bosch-Str. 30

56743 Mendig


+49 (0) 261 973263-61

+49 (0) 261 / 973263-62

Mon-Sat: By appointment only

OFFICIAL LAUNCH: RENNtech Deep Monolite wheels by ADV.1

Friday, August 2nd, 2013



RENNtech and ADV.1 set out to develop the Deep Monolite wheel program with an objective to create a product that features the perfect blend of high performance specifications along with quality and durability that surpasses OEM standards.

These are not your typical aftermarket wheels given that each set is designed and weight optimized specifically for each application.  Countless hours of testing and development were essential to produce the lightest, strongest, and highest quality wheels available for Mercedes-Benz and AMG vehicles.  Experience the assurance of unparalleled service, warranty, and reliability from RENNtech.

RENNtech Monolite 16, Luxurious and meticulously detailed

RENNtech Monolite 10, Our signature design that personifies performance and luxury

RENNtech Deep Monolite 10.2, Motorsport inspired lightweight design


-Exclusive CNC machined RENNtech center cap design

-“RENNtech” logo and “Forged” machined in adjacent spoke windows

-Utilize OEM lug bolts for most applications

-Titanium lug bolts are optional.  Lightweight, high strength perfection

The program features three distinctive designs which are available in either brushed aluminum (standard) or brushed gunmetal (optional).

To view the more images of our wheels click here:


These wheels are in stock and ready to ship for most late model Mercedes-Benz and AMG vehicles.

Please call RENNtech for more information at 561.845.7888




Official Release- RENNtech Turbo Upgrade for M157 63 Biturbo Engines

Monday, April 29th, 2013

Available now!

Mercedes made the latest generation of 63 biturbo engines seriously fast right out of the box. Challenge accepted…….

We took the latest generation of M157 biturbo engines and spent months testing and developing our line of performance turbos.

The RENNtech performance turbo upgrade is truly the ultimate upgrade for your 63 series M157 biturbo!

Key Features:

  • RENNtech Ball Bearing Garrett derived turbo chargers
  • Larger impeller (inlet) and turbine (exhaust) cartridge
  • Cartridge shaft is larger and stronger to support larger wheels
  • Entire cartridge is fine balanced as an assembly
  • Lightweight forged billet wheels
  • Less rolling resistance offers quicker spooling
  • Virtually no lag with impressive throttle response
  • Precision machined impeller and turbine housings
  • Leak proof, high quality lines and fittings with heat shielding
  • 833 Hp and 980 TQ @ crank

Click here for more information and to visit our product page.

RENNtech E63 Biturbo Wagon Project Teaser

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

This 2012 (W212) E 63 biturbo wagon received the full RENNtech performance treatment with a lengthy mod list including turbos, full exhaust and exterior aerodynamic upgrades. More details to come… stay tuned and until then enjoy the teaser video.

Tesla S vs RENNtech tune only E63

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013


Published: Feb 05, 2013

The same Tesla Model S that successfully beat a Dodge Viper in a quarter-mile showdown is back this week going up against a Mercedes E63 AMG.

Instant torque is a wonderful thing yet EVs in general are not popular amongst gearheads and probably never will be. That doesn’t distract from the fact the new Tesla Model S is quite the performance machine. For last week’s installment of Drag Race Tuesdays we saw the Model S successfully beat the Dodge Viper SRT10 on a quarter mile strip. As a result, it set a new record as the world’s fastest production EV.
Now that same Model S is back, this time going up against a RENNtech-tuned Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG. So can the mighty EV repeat its incredible performance from last week? Check out this week’s quarter-mile showdown to find out.

Two new adjustable suspension kits for the CLS and E (C218 / W 212) available now!

Monday, January 14th, 2013

The RENNtech adjustable suspension spring kit lowers your vehicle with the OEM dampers via adjustable spring perches and sport lowering springs on the front and adjustable lowering links in the rear for the air suspension. This kit also works with vehicles that have electronically control dampers installed. Our lowering solution offers not only overall improved aesthetics and an aggressive vehicle stance, but improves both vehicle handling and performance.

 Our standard kit includes:

  • RENNtech sport lowering springs for front axle
  • RENNtech height adjustable spring perches for front axle
  • RENNtech adjustable links for rear axle

In addition, we also offer our adjustable suspension kit with the RENNtech Digital Suspension Lowering Module (DLM) in place of the rear adjustable links.

This setup allows the suspension system to remain balanced as the digital lowering module controls inputs to all four sensors on the vehicle (even though only the rear suspension is adjustable electronically). It also allows for complete adjustablility of rear ride height via the lowering module software (included) with no need to manually adjust links on the rear.

We feel that this combination best maintains the suspension system’s functional integrity as it accounts for the suspensions load leveling function, offers improved ride quality over the standard suspension kit with adjustable rear links and allows for complete electronic adjustability of rear vehicle ride height via the included software.

Kit Specifications:

  • Lowering Range: 20-40mm Front / 10-20mm rear with standard links
  • Four corner height adjustability of the original suspension kit
  • OEM electronic damper control is retained
  • Aggressive, lowered vehicle stance
  • Improved vehicle handling and performance

Upgraded DLM kit specifications feature above plus:

  • Lowering Range: 20-40mm Front / 45 mm rear with digital lowering module
  • Easy control of rear ride height with greater adjustment range
  • Front suspension level is accounted and adjusted for lowered ride height
  • Rear ride height can be adjusted on the fly via DLM software

Kit start at $1050.00

To visit the product page- click here:



Three Variations of Wheel Hotness

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

Our latest wheel designs from RENNtech and ADV.1…. get yours today.

Rollin’ Deep- Deep Monolite that is….

Friday, November 30th, 2012

Here are a few pictures of our latest one-piece forged with 10 Spoke Deep Monolite wheel in 20″ on a (C218) CLS 63 Biturbo with ADV.1 wheels.

Our latest wheels are available in a 10 spoke, a 10.2 (5 spoke split) and a 16 spoke in 19- 22″ sizes for late model Mercedes applications.

These wheels are available first quarter 2013 and we are taking orders now so contact a member of our sales team to place your pre-order.

To view the complete gallery click here:


RENNtech CLS 63 Biturbo Down Pipes

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

RENNtech performance down pipes replace the restrictive stock exhaust for improved performance, reduced back pressure, greater exhaust gas volume and better sound.

Combined with RENNTECH’s ECU software our CLS 63 down pipes create an incredible sound with performance to match.

Our down pipes mate perfectly with the stock CLS exhaust system and include all necessary mounting hardware and clamps. High-strength 304 stainless steel construction ensures lasting quality and a rich, consistent sound. The down pipes are available with 200 cell sport cats or in a catalytic bypass version.

Here is a video with a sound clip of the exhaust:

Click here to visit our product page: