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World Fastest Mercedes Record Regained By RENNtech

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

On April 1, 2011, RENNtech regained their long standing title of worlds fastest Mercedes Benz. Our RENNtech modified CL65, which held the long standing previous record once again reigned supreme by shattering its previous best quarter mile time with an unprecedented  run of 10.27 @ 137.46 mph at Palm Beach International Raceway. This official time makes our CL 65 the fastest Mercedes on the planet.

The previous record of 10.51 @ 135.11 mph, also held by RENNtech’s CL65, was broken just last week by a C63 running 125 shot of nitrous which logged a 10.41 @ 135.27 mph run on 3/25/2011. Not one to be bested and looking to regain the title; RENNtech went back to work in search of even more from the CL 65 with further improvements and without the use of nitrous. Modifications to the CL 65 included an even more aggressive race only tune, enhanced drive line modifications such as upgraded transmission internals and a prototype torque converter and additional light weighted vehicle components. These are in addition to the already installed RENNtech modified ECU/TCU, carbon airbox, limited slip differential, high flow exhaust, drag radials, modified heat exchanger and intercooler pump.


  • 60′ – 1.626
  • 330′ – 4.412
  • 1/8 – 6.682
  • MPH – 108.99
  • 1000 – 8.629
  • 1/4 – 10.274
  • MPH – 137.46

RENNtech looks to continue shattering our own records and will be further modifying the CL in search even more performance in pursuit of the first 9 second Mercedes Benz. Congratulations to Steve C., car owner and driver, on this incredible achievement.










RENNtech Modified SLR 10.8 @ 128 MPH!

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

RENNtech SLR - 10.8@128.3

This SLR featuring a RENNtech Stage 1 performance package cut this impressive ¼ mile time on 10/8/2010 at Atlanta Dragway in GA.

Copy of the time slip:

1/4 Mile ET: 10.804

1/4 Mile MPH: 128.300

1/8 Mile ET: 6.984

1/8 Mile MPH: 100.400

0-60 Foot ET: 1.606

Temperature F: 72.0

Density Altitude (DA): 1967 feet

That makes this particular SLR one of (if not the) fastest SLRs on the planet!  Thanks to BTR Viper for the information and video.


Monday, April 26th, 2010

On April 25, 2010 in 90 degree weather with a 15 + mph head wind, a RENNtech modified CL65 with stock turbos and stock intercoolers went a blistering 191.186 MPH in the standing mile held in Miami during the Exotics Rally event.

The bad Benz did have the following RENNtech modifications: ECU/TCU, Ram Air, High Flow exhaust with 200 cell cats, upgraded intercooler pump and limited slip differential.

This is the same RENNtech CL65 that holds the quarter mile record of 10.62 @ 133.7 mph. It appears that this Benz may hold a couple of new records: fastest CL65 in the standing mile and the fastest Benz with stock turbos in the standing mile.


Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

This past weekend RENNTECH participated in a Standing Mile event at the Dade-Collier airstrip. There was a fairly decent turnout and our tuned C63 drew all sorts of attention. Last week, we fabricated some unique aero enhancements in-house for this event. These exterior additions bumped the cars standing mile speed up nearly 9mph – 185MPH! Proving that aerodynamics has just as much an effect on a vehicles ability to “go fast” as its actual performance output. Here are a few pics and a video of the C63 in “standing-mile trim”.


Thursday, February 11th, 2010

RENNtech, the internationally recognized leader in Mercedes-Benz AMG tuning, has 20+ years of experience in developing the world’s fastest AMG vehicles to claim the streets.

Two separate 1/4 mile records were made by two very impressive RENNtech cars at Palm Beach International Raceway on Wednesday February 10th, 2010.

The first record was made by a customer’s CL65. The vehicle was recently upgraded with newly developed RENNtech modifications which created substantial power and torque improvements. A World Record quarter mile pass of 10.62 seconds @ 133.7 mph was clocked on the cars final pass of the night.

While everyone was celebrating the CL65′s record pass, Hartmut Feyhl, owner of RENNtech, set a new record with his very own C63. The vehicle is fully equipped with RENNtech engine, driveline, suspension, and braking modifications, as well as a few other prototype products under development. Hartmut ran 11.6 seconds @ 125.3 mph, which is the Worlds quickest trap speed recorded for the C63.

2 separate 1/4 mile records were made by two separate RENNtech cars at Palm Beach International Raceway on Wednesday night.

One RENNtech customer now has the Worlds fastest CL65. It clocked a 10.62@133.7mph! Thanks to newly developed RENNtech mods.

RENNtech’s very own C63 set the fastest trap speed for any C63 by posting up a 11.6@125.3mph!

It was a great night for RENNtech!

RENNTECH E55 | 11.21

Monday, March 9th, 2009

I just received this great video from one of our customers driving his RENNTECH E55 AMG to a very quick 11.21 second quarter-mile.

The timeslip is posted on Dragtimes. Enjoy!

RENNTECH C63 | 11.654

Monday, February 16th, 2009

Last week, some of our RENNTECH customers spent some time running a pair of RENNTECH-tuned AMGs down Palm Beach International’s new 1/4 mile drag strip – and the results were impressive: an 11.654 time at over 120.70 mph on Nitto Invo street tires!

Watch for the timeslip below to get posted on to Dragtimes in the coming days, as well as slips from the E55 AMG that came along, and was kind enough to take some pics for us.


Friday, January 9th, 2009

I was browsing some the RENNTECH customer cars that have posted timeslips on Dragtimes (for those of you not “in the know”, Dragtimes is THE resource for real-world performance numbers, with visitors from all over the world posting timeslips, videos, and photos of real cars, putting down real numbers) and stumbled across this fantastic picture of a RENNTECH-tuned S65 (w220) AMG Mercedes barreling through the 1/4 mile speed traps at almost 130 mph!

While we’ve been discussing this run for some time (the big S’ timeslip shows that this epic run took place in late 2006) this is the first time I’ve seen this photo.

CLICK HERE to see RENNTECH’s available w220 S class tuning products … and if you can beat that 11.0, add it to Dragtimes!