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RENNtech SPEEDSHIFT Valve Body Upgrade w/ Throttle “Blip”

Thursday, April 24th, 2014

The staple of advanced or professional driving is the “rev match”, or “throttle blip”, in which the driver quickly brings the engine up to speed with the wheels by use of the throttle. This was not possible with the automatic transmission in the CLK Black Series…until now.

RENNtech is proud to offer our Speedshift performance valve body upgrade for the CLK black series. Our upgrade modifies the shifting performance characteristics of the transmission control unit, the transmission valve body and allows the vehicle to automatically “blip” the accelerator upon down shifts allowing for quicker gear engagement and faster lap times.

When downshifting, the engine throttle is increased to allow the engine to match the RPM of the lower gear and allows for significantly faster gear engagement . When coupled with our transmission upgrade, this is the ultimate upgrade for your CLK Black series.

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RENNtech E63 Sport Mufflers for 2014 E63 Now Available

Monday, March 24th, 2014

RENNtech T-304 stainless steel (SS) sport mufflers are hand made and rigorously tested to remove any unwanted resonances in the cabin to deliver a deep sound that keeps with the character of a luxury performance vehicle.

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Holiday Savings- Now through January 3rd, 2014

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

RENNtech C63 Black Series Dyno Pull

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

C63 Black Series featuring RENNtech ECU tune, exhaust, and headers on the dyno.

This vehicle put down an impressive 568 HP and 647 NM.

Video courtesy RENNtech Engineering in Germany.

OFFICIAL LAUNCH: RENNtech Deep Monolite wheels by ADV.1

Friday, August 2nd, 2013



RENNtech and ADV.1 set out to develop the Deep Monolite wheel program with an objective to create a product that features the perfect blend of high performance specifications along with quality and durability that surpasses OEM standards.

These are not your typical aftermarket wheels given that each set is designed and weight optimized specifically for each application.  Countless hours of testing and development were essential to produce the lightest, strongest, and highest quality wheels available for Mercedes-Benz and AMG vehicles.  Experience the assurance of unparalleled service, warranty, and reliability from RENNtech.

RENNtech Monolite 16, Luxurious and meticulously detailed

RENNtech Monolite 10, Our signature design that personifies performance and luxury

RENNtech Deep Monolite 10.2, Motorsport inspired lightweight design


-Exclusive CNC machined RENNtech center cap design

-“RENNtech” logo and “Forged” machined in adjacent spoke windows

-Utilize OEM lug bolts for most applications

-Titanium lug bolts are optional.  Lightweight, high strength perfection

The program features three distinctive designs which are available in either brushed aluminum (standard) or brushed gunmetal (optional).

To view the more images of our wheels click here:


These wheels are in stock and ready to ship for most late model Mercedes-Benz and AMG vehicles.

Please call RENNtech for more information at 561.845.7888




63 Turbo Upgrade

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Now boarding…..

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Official Release- RENNtech Turbo Upgrade for M157 63 Biturbo Engines

Monday, April 29th, 2013

Available now!

Mercedes made the latest generation of 63 biturbo engines seriously fast right out of the box. Challenge accepted…….

We took the latest generation of M157 biturbo engines and spent months testing and developing our line of performance turbos.

The RENNtech performance turbo upgrade is truly the ultimate upgrade for your 63 series M157 biturbo!

Key Features:

  • RENNtech Ball Bearing Garrett derived turbo chargers
  • Larger impeller (inlet) and turbine (exhaust) cartridge
  • Cartridge shaft is larger and stronger to support larger wheels
  • Entire cartridge is fine balanced as an assembly
  • Lightweight forged billet wheels
  • Less rolling resistance offers quicker spooling
  • Virtually no lag with impressive throttle response
  • Precision machined impeller and turbine housings
  • Leak proof, high quality lines and fittings with heat shielding
  • 833 Hp and 980 TQ @ crank

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RENNtech CLS Aero- Official Release

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

We are pleased to officially announce our carbon fiber aero products are now available for the CLS (C218).

Our 3-pc front splitter, rear diffuser and rear lip spoiler were all designed and prototyped in-house. The end result is constructed of the highest quality prepreg carbon fiber that ensures years durability.

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Performance Spark Plug Upgrade for Biturbo Engines (M157 & M278) Available Now!

Friday, April 5th, 2013

The RENNtech performance spark plug upgrade utilizes high quality NGK spark plugs in a cooler heat range than the OEM Bosch plugs.

With the increased performance and boost pressure generated from performance tuning comes increased combustion temperatures. With OEM plugs, this additional cylinder pressure can cause pre-ignition and premature spark plug fouling.

Our performance spark plug package uses a “colder” heat range plug which allows spark plugs to fully ignite the mixture and allow the engine to maintain higher boost levels across an extended RPM range.

This plug upgrade also improves idle quality and is the perfect replacement for vehicles experiencing spark plug or rough idle issues.

  • Kit comes with 8 spark plugs

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RENNtech E63 Biturbo Wagon Project Teaser

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

This 2012 (W212) E 63 biturbo wagon received the full RENNtech performance treatment with a lengthy mod list including turbos, full exhaust and exterior aerodynamic upgrades. More details to come… stay tuned and until then enjoy the teaser video.