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63 Series Biturbo (M157) Carbon Fiber Airbox Kit

Friday, August 29th, 2014

Using the highest quality pre-preg carbon fiber, our 4-piece airbox kit for the 63 series biturbo M157 engine comes complete with flow optimized turbo tubes to maximize engine performance by increasing the volume of incoming airflow.

+10 HP & +10 TQ

63 Turbo Upgrade

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Now boarding…..

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Official Release- RENNtech Turbo Upgrade for M157 63 Biturbo Engines

Monday, April 29th, 2013

Available now!

Mercedes made the latest generation of 63 biturbo engines seriously fast right out of the box. Challenge accepted…….

We took the latest generation of M157 biturbo engines and spent months testing and developing our line of performance turbos.

The RENNtech performance turbo upgrade is truly the ultimate upgrade for your 63 series M157 biturbo!

Key Features:

  • RENNtech Ball Bearing Garrett derived turbo chargers
  • Larger impeller (inlet) and turbine (exhaust) cartridge
  • Cartridge shaft is larger and stronger to support larger wheels
  • Entire cartridge is fine balanced as an assembly
  • Lightweight forged billet wheels
  • Less rolling resistance offers quicker spooling
  • Virtually no lag with impressive throttle response
  • Precision machined impeller and turbine housings
  • Leak proof, high quality lines and fittings with heat shielding
  • 833 Hp and 980 TQ @ crank

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Performance Spark Plug Upgrade for Biturbo Engines (M157 & M278) Available Now!

Friday, April 5th, 2013

The RENNtech performance spark plug upgrade utilizes high quality NGK spark plugs in a cooler heat range than the OEM Bosch plugs.

With the increased performance and boost pressure generated from performance tuning comes increased combustion temperatures. With OEM plugs, this additional cylinder pressure can cause pre-ignition and premature spark plug fouling.

Our performance spark plug package uses a “colder” heat range plug which allows spark plugs to fully ignite the mixture and allow the engine to maintain higher boost levels across an extended RPM range.

This plug upgrade also improves idle quality and is the perfect replacement for vehicles experiencing spark plug or rough idle issues.

  • Kit comes with 8 spark plugs

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Tune Only 2012 RENNtech E63 runs 11.15 @ 126.7 mph!

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

An otherwise bone stock, tune only 2012 Mercedes E 63 ran an incredible 11.15 @ 126.7 mph quarter mile this past weekend at Palm Beach International Raceway. The E63 dynoyed an impressive 578.33 horsepower and 621.93 ft/lbs of torque at the wheels (680 horsepower and 732 ft-lbs of torque at the crank) with the RENNtech tune installed. That is a 100 horsepower gain over stock!

The run was made with the stock exhaust, stock wheels and OEM street tires in 80 degree temps with damp track conditions. Needless to say, we expect quite a bit more out of the new biturbo E63 and will certainly be breaking into the 10′s very shortly.

Stay tuned as we continue to push the performance of Mercedes latest powerhouse.

Here is a video of the run:


Mercedes Biturbo Tuning

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Our proprietary ECU upgrade for the Mercedes M157 engine offers huge gains in performance across the entire RPM range without sacrificing around town comfort or daily driver reliability.

Our ECU tune offers the biggest performance gains on the market; increasing performance from 556 HP and 550 lb/ft torque, to an astonishing 669 HP and 734 lb/ft at the crank! This allows the M157 engine to run the quarter mile on D.O.T. street tires in an impressive 11.3 seconds at 125 mph with 0-60 mph coming in a mere 3.4 seconds.

Equipped with drag radials on the vehicle we were able to achieve an even more impressive quarter mile time. The M157 engine was able to rocket down the drag strip; clocking a quarter mile time of of 10.9 seconds @ 129 mph with 0-60 mph coming in 3.2 seconds!

  • Note: We have found the new M157 engine stock performance numbers vary from the baseline figures claimed by Mercedes Benz. We typically see slightly higher baseline numbers than claimed by the factory.


2012 CLS 63 Stage 1 ECU Upgrade

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011