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CLS63 Biturbo New Record- 10.98 @129.40 mph!

Monday, January 9th, 2012

RENNtech’s 2012 CLS63 broke the 11 second barrier by running the 1/4 mile in 10.98 @ 129.40 mph (208 kmh)! This officially makes it the world’s fastest CLS63.

Our latest run surpasses our previous 1/4 mile time in the same vehicle with a previous record of 11.21 @ 126 mph with only a tune and drag radials posted last month. Since then we have added a RENNtech 100% locking limited slip differential and an in development performance exhaust modification in addition to our performance ECU upgrade. The new biturbo engine now makes 688 crank horsepower and 765 lb/ft of torque; transforming the CLS63 into an all out road rocket!  The vehicle made the pass in S+ (Sport Plus) and made the run from idle without launch control activated.

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