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RENNtech DJ Van Tour Dates & Locations

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

As the RENNtech DJ Van travels the country, follow it along the way with this interactive map with previous and upcoming tour dates.

RENNtech Wins the 2014 SEMA Metris Van Concept Challenge

Monday, November 10th, 2014

Thank you to everyone who voted on social media last week using #DJvan for the 2014 Mercedes Benz Metris Concept Challenge.

RENNtech was up against three other Metris van concepts including a fire chief van, a golf van and ultimate luxury edition van. These concepts were all on display at the SEMA show and visible on Mercedes Benz social media sites for the public to vote.

Our unique concept, social media campaign and loyal following helped to skyrocket our vote tally and #DJvan became the #13 highest trending topic in the US on Twitter last week!

Thank you to all our project partners, supporters and fans who made this all possible!




RENNtech @ SEMA 2013

Friday, November 1st, 2013

Come check out the C74 at SEMA next week! The car will be located at the Sicom Brakes booth in the Central Hall.

RENNtech / ADV.1 @ 2012 SEMA

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

RENNtech and ADV.1 have partnered at this years SEMA show in Las Vegas with a RENNtech modified CLS 63 Biturbo to revel our latest carbon fiber aero accessories, biturbo performance upgrades and the resurrection of the monolite wheel. Stay tuned for more product announcements and pictures…..

RENNtech SL 600 Chrome Car Sells @ Barrett Jackson for Charity

Friday, April 6th, 2012

The team at RENNtech was delighted to be involved with the Doug Mansfield Foundation and the efforts of both his charity and on the behalf of Barrett Jackson in order to provide proceeds from the sale of our 2004 SL 600 Chrome car to be donated to such a noble cause.  The vehicle was sold at no reserve and brought in $155,000 USD  with all proceeds from the sale of this vehicle being donated to the Doug Mansfield Foundation Trust, a Sarasota based charity that provides seeing eye dogs for children and blind veterans.

The lucky bidder of this vehicle not only be helped to support the needs of blind veterans, but become the new owner of a piece of history.

The 2004 RENNtech SL 600 Chrome car was developed in part with Nitto Tire for the 2004 SEMA Show. It features a heavily modified RENNtech V12 engine, making over 650 HP and 800 Lb/ft. The entire exterior of the car was finished with a one off, first of its kind chrome paint utilizing actual silver which took several months to complete.  The result was a mirror like finish which gave the appearance that the entire vehicle was carved from a single piece of metal.

RENNtech congratulates the new owner of this exceptional vehicle and the efforts of everyone involved with this charitable project.

Video of the car on the auction block can be seen following the jump here:


Top Gear UK Feature on RENNtech Powered Mercedes Bent

Monday, October 17th, 2011

The October issue of Top Gear Magazine features an excellent write up on the 190 SL project and its host of RENNtech go-fast parts:

From the article..

“Being a tuning shop, HR&CS didn’t just shovel in the standard SL600′s V12, they added as many RENNtech upgrades as they could lay their hands on, too. The result being a 190SL that has 650bhp – more than six times the standard 1961 190SL’s output – and 750lb ft to play with. A fact which provides one of the most bizarre – and fun – driving experiences. One minute, you can be wafting down the road limply holding the skinny wheel with your fingertips. The next, with very little provocation, you can have this £500k artwork in a full-blooded drift. It’s fantastic: the coolest classic car in the world, with the performance of a Porsche Turbo.”


To read the complete article, follow the link here to Top Gear UK site.

Supercraft- European Car Magazine features RENNtech powered 190 SL “BENT”

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

The car that swept the show at last years SEMA event is featured in the September 2011 Issue of European Car magazine. The 190 SL “BENT” crafted by Hot Rods and Custom Stuff and powered by RENNtech truly makes a statement as pure automotive art. The 190 SL packs a fully RENNtech modified 6.0L V12 engine from a 2004 SL 600, a RENNtech transmission upgrade,  in addition to a host of suspension upgrades and a V3  RENNtech digital lowering module.

To read more about this amazing project, view the full article here:

RENNtech Rapid Prototyping Capabilities Article Feature on Dimension Printing

Friday, April 29th, 2011

RENNtech Designs Winning Racer for Mercedes-Benz in Just 35 Days



RENNtech GLK350 SPEC.R HYBRIDAfter working for just under a year at RENNtech, a shop that specializes in tuning and enhancing performance for European-made cars, product design engineer Dustin Hanna was presented with a unique opportunity.

Mercedes-Benz USA notified RENNtech that the shop had been chosen to compete in the Mercedes-Benz GLK Tuner Challenge, which provided four shops pre-production vehicles to modify according to themes, highlighting each respective shop’s versatility. The challenge had an impossibly tight deadline for the task at hand – RENNtech was given just 35 days to design and produce an off-road racer prototype of the Mercedes-

David Demitrion skillfully fabricates the rear wing.Benz GLK to compete at the upcoming SEMA show, the premier automotive specialty products trade event. SEMA attendees, the public and online participants would then vote on their favorite vehicle to select a winner.

Supercharging the Design Cycle with 3D Printing

Florida-based RENNtech, Inc., owned by renowned Mercedes-Benz high performance expert, Hartmut Feyhl, offers drivers minor enhancements, parts, modifications or total revamps. The GLK Challenge was a great opportunity for the RENNtech shop, but it posed a great dilemma.

“We had to make numerous body panels and parts you’d normally mold and produce with fiberglass or carbon fiber,” said Hanna. “We didn’t have the time or money for that. Our designers had to come up with a solution that would allow us to meet our deadline and prove more costeffective than outsourcing the entire project.”

Gas cap inserted into printed rear fender section.Hanna looked at a number of 3D printing options to help speed completion of the project. He found that Dimension 3D printing offered an affordable solution that produced the kind of high-quality parts the job demanded.

“Producing strong, yet lightweight, parts in ABS plastic was a big factor for me in the decision to purchase the Dimension 3D Printer,” said Hanna. “We wouldn’t have completed the project with any other technology.”

Hanna put the 3D printer to use for the GLK Challenge, producing prototypes to test multiple variations, review fitment, and prototype difficult-to-machine components, such as undercuts. “We had one month to produce the GLK. Without the Dimension 3D Printer, we would have had to mold each of the pieces individually,” said Feyhl. “There is no way we would have finished the body kit in time.”

A Win-Win

Front fender piece being attached to the body.After successfully completing the project, RENNtech presented their racer at the SEMA Show in front of thousands of industry experts and influencers.

Inspired by the famed Pikes Peak Hill Climb, the Rally Racer included a host of upgrades including a body kit, which was prototyped using 3D printing technology. All together, RENNtech produced eight body panels, an airbox, an engine cover and a steering wheel cover for their version of the mid-sized SUV, the largest part measured at 36″ x 20″ x 6″ in size.

SEMA attendees, among others, voted in an online competition to determine the most impressive model. Competing against three other models, RENNtech was awarded top honors, taking home the winning trophy for the Mercedes-Benz GLK Tuner Challenge.

“The GLK Challenge gave us a great deal of scope for bringing together form and function. For our model, performance may have been the primary goal, but it also looks the part,” Feyhl added. “And, thanks to 3D printing technology, we achieved both in 35 days.”

Prior to having the printer, RENNtech was forced to use an outside bureau for all prototyping projects, big and small. “If we couldn’t get a part prototyped by an outside bureau in time, we’d have to scan clay models or just guess,” said Hanna. “After the success of the GLK Challenge, we’ve found ourselves using the Dimension 3D Printer for everyday prototyping.”


A link to Dimension Printings web page article can be found here:




RENNtech GLK 350 Hybrid v2.0 On Tour W/ Mercedes-Benz USA

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

In 2008, RENNtech unveiled the GLK350 Hybrid Pikes Peak Rally Car, a concept vehicle which won the 2008 SEMA Show Mercedes-Benz tuner build off competition. This vehicle was designed not only to turn heads as a show car, but to serve as a proof-of-concept and testament to our dedication to our core concept; performance without compromise. Fast forward nearly 3 years, countless automotive trade shows, numerous track events and extensive real world miles; the GLK Pikes Peak project has been completely revamped and restyled for a final tour in 2011 with Mercedes-Benz USA. Upon completion of the US tour schedule, the GLK will retire to a place of honor in the Mercedes-Benz Classic Vehicle Museum located in Irvine, CA as part of their permanent collection. This will be the second vehicle prepared by RENNtech that has found its way into the hallowed halls of the Mercedes-Benz Museum Collection, the first of which was the E60 RS project car built for comedian Jerry Seinfeld.
When approached with the opportunity, RENNtech completely revamped the vehicles exterior and collaborated once again with 3M Commercial Graphics Division to complement the GLK’s aggressive exterior styling. This original body kit was entirely designed and engineered by RENNtech in-house, using the latest in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software and rapid prototype capabilities. The concept behind the restyling was to not only completely change the vehicles appearance, but utilize vinyl materials in finishes rarely seen in the automotive world. 3M chose the RENNtech GLK as the showpiece to revel their latest product line of 1080 Scotchprint ® textured automotive vinyl wrap. This preprinted, 3.5 mil dual cast film was applied to nearly every exterior surface of the vehicle in a stunning combination of brushed steel (1080-BR201) and black carbon fiber (1080 CF-12) with subtle red pin stripping to further accent the vehicles bold lines.
The GLK350 Pikes Peak Project will be unveiled to the public during Mercedes-Benz first leg of their tour schedule at the Pittsburgh International Automotive Show February 10-13th, 2011. Additional stops on the tour schedule include Milwaukee, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Kansas City, Minneapolis and Denver. After its time on the road, the vehicle can be seen at the Mercedes-Benz Classic Vehicle Museum in Irvine, California.

RENNtech would like to thank the unwavering support of the following companies, with whom realizing both phases of such a large project would not have been possible:  Mercedes-Benz, 3M, KW Suspensions, Goff’s Curtain Walls, David Dimitrion, Nitto Tires, Optima Batteries, JRD, Schroth Racing, Technicar, Seibon

To view project images and pictures of 3M’s latest line of textured vinyl, click here:

IMG_2278.jpg IMG_2214.jpg



1961 190SL “BENT” Project Car @ SEMA

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

IMG_0466.jpg IMG_0480.jpg


Over the last 100 years, Mercedes Benz has been responsible for designing arguably some of the most beautiful cars ever built. Sadly, most of these early examples have faded away or fell victim to the ravages of time; leaving but a handful of road going examples. So what did Hot Rods and Custom Stuff, located in Escondido, California do when a client asked for a fully custom vehicle that featured the design of a 50 year old MB classic with current MB technology? Their interpretation created something truly special.

The creators of the “Mercedes-Bent,” as the project was dubbed, strategically lengthened and widened a 1961 190SL body to fit over the platform and running gear of a 2004 Mercedes-Benz SL600 with a 6.0L twin turbo V-12 power plant. The result is this stunning vehicle which boasted old world charm, with all the new school bells and whistles.

The talented team at Hot Rods and Custom Stuff then came to RENNtech to give their modern classic stunning performance to match it looks. With that, nothing was left on the table and RENNtech provided our full line of performance tuning parts for their build. This included our carbon fiber air boxes and engine cover, ECU tuning upgrade, TCU upgrade, suspension lowering module, upgraded intercooler pump, RENNtech big brake kit 3 with 8 piston front calipers and 4 piston rears, RENNtech camber and toe suspension links and a 100% locking rear differential.

The Mercedes “Bent” proved to be one of the most touted cars to stroll onto the 2010 SEMA floor, winning the Mothers Choice Award for Excellence in Automotive Design as well as runner up for best in show .

Check out pictures of the Mercedes “Bent” in our photo gallery here:

Also, head over to Hot Rods and Custom Stuff for more project photos- click here: